3 Best Security Cameras And Few Tips To Prevent A Security Breach

Choice of security cameras and ways to prevent internal system hacking are the only two ways of overall asset protection. Authorities from bodies like us cybersecurity also insist on the importance of security cameras. Which is why you should install surveillance cameras at homes as well as offices to minimize data damage and the chances of a physical assault and fatal injuries.

3 Types Of Surveillance Cameras That Are Best For Monitoring

Use of surveillance cameras shower you with multiple benefits, most propelling of those are given below.

  • They fend off burglars
  • They minimize data theft
  • They can tail suspicious people
  • HD quality feed works as valid evidence against criminals
  • They dampen the spirits of assaulters

The above-listed benefits of security cameras are just a few handfuls. Thus, you must take your property under the protection of surveillance cameras to scare off criminals. And the best 3 that can help you are listed below.

  • Infrared Cameras – Infrared cameras stand guard even at night. They take crystal clear footage in darkness because of their sharp vision that’s capable of detecting heat from living bodies.
  • Wireless Cameras – Wireless cameras store videos captured in compressed form. And all the transmission is done in the air with the help of high-speed wifi connection. Such cameras need no physical connection to pair with a recorder.
  • PTZ Cameras – With an adjustable focal length, PTZ robotics cameras can shadow and tail suspects. Since the footage is in high resolution, the clarity is unquestionable.

Can Security Cameras Be Hacked?

If you are at the receiving end of data theft and stealing despite having a surveillance system, it’s most likely that your system has been hacked. The best ways to find out if that’s the case are given below.

  • If your security camera is oozing unknown and unpleasant noises, it’s possibly hacked.
  • If the camera keeps losing its direction without your involvement, clearly someone else is using it to tail you.
  • If the security settings are being played with, you need to go see the manufacturer.
  • The basic things to keep an eye on include passwords and logged in devices. In case you notice a change that isn’t coming from your end in either of the two, your system has been breached already.

Can Hacking Of Security Cameras Be Prevented?  

The good news is, yes. You should keep a few things, listed below, in mind so that your security camera protects your privacy, and not breach it.

  • Use strong passwords
  • Use firewalls and antiviruses
  • Avoid phishing emails
  • Pair the cameras with limited devices
  • Wifi should be password protected

Post Author: Paul Petersen