4 Best VGA Cables You Can Buy For Your Monitors

VGA or visual graphics cables are used to pair a VGA device like a CPU with a VGA computer or laptop. One end of the cable is inserted in the port for the graphics card and the other end is attached to the target computer or laptop where the data has to be imported. Despite the fact that newer technology has been revealed in the market, VGA cables have still not lost their spot. Thus, you should buy the ones like the vga cable from primecables.ca because such vendors do not promote or sell duplicate items.

4 VGA Cable Types That You Must Know About


To begin with, VGA cables can be of different lengths depending upon the requirement. And other than the variation in length, there are also some other features that make them different from one and other. And the most influential of all the types are given below.

  • High-Quality Super VGA HD15 M/M Cable w/double shielded – This VGA cable can be 6 feet long as well as 10 feet long. It has male to male molded connectors and the wire is double shielded in order to minimize the signal loss. Thus, it supports high-resolution video that is devoid of noise.
  • Super VGA M/M CL2 Rated Cable – With 2 ferrite male to male gold-plated connectors, this VGA cable is available in 6 different lengths since it is mostly used for wall installation purposes. It has 4 entwined pairs of wires in the core that are double shielded so that the signal remains strong and distortion free.
  • Super VGA HD15 M/M CL2 Rated Cable – The best feature about this male to male HD15 VGA cable is that it supports both audio and video. And the audio is of stereo quality. Both the gold plated connectors, that are corrosion free, are attached to the wire with the help of nuts to ensure the wire’s longevity. Besides, since this wire is triple shielded, the signal stays clean of RF and EM noise. Thus, the resulting audio and video are crystal clear and loud.
  • SVGA Super VGA M/F Monitor Cable – Made available in 3 different lengths, this is a male to female VGA cable that has ferrite gold-plated connectors. The cable has a double shielding coat and it supports extended VGA resolution as well as analog VGA resolution. Lastly, since the core of the connectors is made of ferrite, they repel EMI and RFI signal interference so that the resulting video is in HD quality.

Post Author: Clare Louise