A Useful Guide On IBM Modernization Services For Business Expansion

For those who have worked on the IBM OS, it’s evident that IBM I apps run like a dream. Having said that, the system has its own flaws. The biggest being, it isn’t flexible. IBM I applications cannot alone work with new technologies. Which is why you need is an intermediate device to make IBM apps compatible with new technologies. If looking out for such options, then the Fresche IBM solutions offer such products and services that help in transforming IBM I applications by integrating them with modern features. Interested in learning about those tools and product? Keeping reading through the guide and find out the answers.

What Are The Best Solutions That Can Provide IBM Transformation?

The following guide will take you through some of the best IBM conversion tools and solutions for the betterment of your business.

  1. X-analysis Suite – A proper amalgamation of stunning products like the X-analysis view tool and the X-analysis advisor tool, the X-analysis suite offers the following benefits.
  • Analyzing how language transformation impacts business growth
  • Identifying what better technologies can be migrated to meet the project deadlines
  • Identifying what technologies are compatible with the modernized IBM apps for business growth


  1. Strategy And Planning Services – A strategic and planned approach is beneficial since it reduces the risk of project failure. The best benefits of such an approach are given below.
  • A modernized roadmap to find out what modern features will improve the apps
  • Integration of GUI with IBM apps to improve the visual appearance of the applications
  • Establishing service focussed architecture to make apps compatible with mobile devices
  • Expenditure reduction by cutting down the cost of legacy maintenance and improving staff productivity
  1. Reporting And Distribution Services – What’s better than having automated tools that run scans from time to time to monitor if the business is progressing or stagnating. The best benefits of such services are given below
  • Better decision making since organized documents can be shared with concerned people in the real-time
  • Everyone is supplied with the exact same details about the project status
  • Accurate management of multiple projects reap monetary benefits
  • Every project is given equal attention with frequent reports prepared and shared to keep a tab on the speed of production
  1. Code And Database Modernization Services – Every change begins with code conversion. As long as a business moves in the direction of improving the code quality, the performance of applications only improves. The best benefits of these services are given below.
  • Transformation of legacy languages – CL and RPG – to Java for improving the code quality
  • Inexpensive economical language transformation and the production of unicodes that can be accessed from all mobile devices

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