Engage audience effortlessly with extremely effective video wall

In today’s ever-growing competitive marketplace every organization strives to grab the attention of the large audience in an innovative way for optimizing their business growth. Video wall signage could be immensely beneficial advertising tool that instantly conveys the right message about product/service in a unique, entertaining and engaging manner. Digital signage with higher resolutions, outstanding processing and advanced brightness can create a great impression on potential customers’ eventually helps businesses to grow unlimited.

Worth investment

Regardless of the place, a video wall system is deployed such as offices, shopping malls, stadiums, control room, educational institution, live concert, etc. it efficiently serves the purpose by enhancing functionality and drawing eyes. As the video wall is an expensive purchase hence be well informed about three basic components of a video wall system namely video wall display, video wall controller and video wall software and then proceed accordingly.

Choose right display such as LCD, direct view LED, blended projection system, rear projection, etc. as per your specific business object after evaluating advantage and disadvantage of each type and get proper value for your money.

Choose reputed brand

Most of the reliable designers and manufacturers of an LCD display with years of experience, cutting-edge technology and highly skilled professionals consistently offer a high quality comprehensive solution for all your video wall system. Go through the website of reputed brands and gather relevant information about the products listed such as display size, bezel to bezel width, panel brightness, contrast ratio, power consumption, dimensions (W x H x D), weight, etc. and then take an informed decision.

Efficient customer support is available 24/7 to address queries and concerns related to sales, marketing and technical support.

Things to consider

For successful deployment of the video wall, it is important to consider few factors beforehand

  • Right layout (grid or artistic)
  • Choose prominent location
  • Effective cabling
  • Plan mounting (direct wall mounting or recessed display)
  • Relevant content (still images, broadcast TV, music videos, social media feed, etc.)
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