How Can Content Marketing Benefit Me?

You have probably heard the term “content marketing” thrown around a lot over the last few years. After taking a moment to complain about the ever-changing technology and marketing techniques, you likely wondered what on earth it is and why it is so important. Since it does not seem to be going anywhere, you may be asking whether you should put it to practice for your business. While the answer to that question is a definite, “Yes!”, I am sure you would like some more information, so let’s start from the beginning.

What is Content and Content Marketing?

Content has been explained in so many ways. The way I view it is that it is a very important and effective tool for getting messages out to a current and/or potential audience, educating them, building trust with them, and putting myself in front of many eyes. So what is content marketing? It is very simply the practice of using that content to reach your audience, build a reputation and rapport with them, making the public aware that you exist, and building your client base. How do you do that? Content marketing can come in many shapes and forms but the following are some of the most popular:

  • Blog posts
  • Instagram posts
  • Facebook posts
  • Tweets
  • Email campaigns

Two Basic Types of Content

There are two basic types of content: evergreen content and time-sensitive content. Both are very important and should be added to a company’s marketing strategy. Below we will look at what exactly these two types are.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is named so due to the fact that it is always relevant and fresh- just as an evergreen tree is always fresh and green. This type of content is something that will always be searched for- it is timeless content. Let’s say that you are a hairstylist. Your evergreen content, besides your landing page and About Us page, can be blog posts such as, “How to De-tangle Your Hair”, “How to Brush Your Hair”, or “How to Braid Your Hair”. As long as people have hair, these posts will remain relevant. You may need to update them now and again to keep SEO rankings high, but the content will always be important.


So what is time-sensitive content? The opposite of evergreen. These blog posts will only be relevant for a certain period. For instance, sticking with the hairstylist example, time-sensitive content could be, “The Best De-tangling Brushes for 2019” or “Latest Hair Color Trends”. It may also include blog posts linked to sales you have on your website.

How Can Content Marketing Benefit Me and My Company?

There are many benefits to content marketing. Below are a few:

Improved SEO and Brand Awareness

I put these two together because the benefits go hand-in-hand. You must have content on your website or there is no reason to have a website. Even just a Home page or About Us page will help get visitors to your site. Do not stop there, though. The more content you have, the greater chance of getting discovered and increasing your site traffic. Viewed social media posts have the ability to be shared leading to more brand awareness and more site traffic. Site traffic improves SEO which puts your website higher in the search engine rankings which gets you in front of more people. Do you see how all of this goes hand-in-hand?

Customer Conversions

All of that site traffic and brand awareness will generally lead to a lot more clients and/or sales, which are the things our companies thrive on. Without clients and sales, we probably will not remain in business because we need those things to sustain the business.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this information has helped you to see that content marketing is great for any business. Even if you just want to stay local or small, you can use great content to build a relationship with your audience. Everyone can benefit from content marketing, so wait no more. Gather your marketing team or reach out tocontent marketing experts to improve your business today.

Post Author: Donna Enn