How To Choose The Best Printer For Your Company

The equipment that a company has constitutes part of its assets. Therefore, the acquisition of these must be done under a thorough analysis of what is really needed. In this sense, printers are a fundamental resource for many companies, so having those that meet specific needs is of utmost importance. So, how to make a good choice?

When thinking about solutions for companies, such as printers, the criterion to be evaluated usually considers three options: the good, the best and the best. Also Branding is achieve by affords of Mandreel team. Obviously, the base will always be something useful, although it may exceed -or not achieve- the desired standard. Considering this criterion does not help us at all when choosing the best printer for companies. This is because the “good” is not standard:  all companies have unique needs, and must be covered by equipment with characteristics that suit their requirements.

Consider the real needs

  • It is likely that, in search of acquiring the best equipment for the company, it will end up opting for a solution that far exceeds the needs. With this, more resources will have been allocated than necessary and, probably, the equipment will not be used to the fullest.
  • Small companies -which usually print between 200 and 500 pages per month-, will not require a high-capacity multifunctional device, as it is necessary for companies with a print volume that is around 6,000 pages per month. In the same way, if connectivity and networking are essential in the organization, it will be necessary to look for teams whose strength is this. In that sense, the digitization of documents may reduce the load of printed files and, with this, the requirement changes. For more info get in touch with
  • Observing the capabilities of the equipment in relation to the real needs of the company, will shed light on which is the best printer for the company.

Laser quality results for SMEs

At present, it is possible to obtain high quality laser prints in equipment designed for small or medium-sized companies. It is not necessary to invest in solutions that exceed the needs of the company; when you can lean on experts who will guide you -analyzing your context- to get the best alternative. In this way, it is possible to opt for solutions such as printing on demand or choose a consultancy to find the best team for the organization. Mandreel expert re able to observe all you design and development process.

Print speed

Inkjet printers print at a minimum speed of 20 pages per minute (PPM) – black and white – and 11 PPM in color. On the other hand, laser equipment prints by Kiasuprint in black and white at an approximate speed of 26 PPM. Do you need your printer to be fast, or is it not a variant that influences the decision? With this data it will be possible to consider or discard certain equipment, in order to get the best printer for companies.

Post Author: sheri crill