The functions of parental control app

Needless to say, today’s children have access to digital technology more than any generation in human history. Many children have been exposed to technology such as computers, televisions, tablets and smart phones with an average of six and a half hours a day. It brings new challenges for parents and it is our responsibility to ensure that children use these devices wisely, avoid abuse of the access they have and ensure that the content they see and use is appropriate for their age. If you want to do these things, you need use the parental control app for how to catch a cheater. Following are the basic functions of a parental control app.

Filtering function

Parents can use the filtering function to block the content categories such as gambling, violence, lingerie, adults, etc. No worry about your child to come across this content.

Monitoring function

The parental control app can track the digital activity of your child. This means parents can monitor what child have done or is doing on their mobile phone. Call history, Chatting records on social apps, and text messages are all can be monitored.  Due to technical complexity, there are very few reliable monitoring apps available. If you want to get a good parental control app, you can check the product reviews online and check whether the company is famous or not. You can also download its trial version before buy the paid version if the company has the trial version.

Location tracking

Most parental control apps have location tracker. With this function, parents can know where the child went to or is at present. You can find them if there is any emergent things happened. 

TTSPY parental app is very easy to use and has the ability to block applications which you don’t want your child to use. When installed on the target mobile device, you can view all the information after you login the dashboard. If you want to block an application, simply click on the icon next to it. After doing this, your child will see a notification on their device if they are trying to use the restricted application.

You can also use TTSPY parental control app to establish when and how long your child can use their devices. When time passes, you can choose whether the program turns off the Internet or blocks the entire device. At the same time, you can block apps. After you block the apps, your child will no longer be able to access the program.


Post Author: Donna Enn