Things to Know About Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing is the practice of controlling the public’s idea of a business, organisation or public figure. This service is different from management, as it’s done even before any negative reviews or criticism is given to a client.

Traditionally, these services are done by public relation companies. Because they can be quite costly, there was a time when it was reserved only for big corporations and popular figures. Furthermore, small to medium businesses rarely needed these services.

Because of the Internet, it can be easy to enhance the branding of small businesses. Through social media and marketing videos, any business owner can spread their influence over a wider demographic with the help of video production companies Brisbane. Whilst there are some strategies to do this, the most organic way to accomplish the task is through image branding.

How it’s done

This service is mainly done through reviews and positive comments. Most businesses still practice radio advertising but are now engaging in new platforms for it reaches audience faster, through social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Yelp is another popular platform for this.

Why It Works

It operates through the theory of informational social influence. According to research, large groups of people will conform to what the majority does or thinks. The minority will automatically assume that the majority’s decision is the correct one. Also known as herd mentality, this phenomenon is seen in a lot of industries.

According to a recent survey, 70% of people believe and trust reviews they see online, giving more proof to the informational social influence theory. Increasing a simple Yelp rating by one star will increase any business’ revenue by 5% – 7%. Furthermore, 5-star rated restaurants are more likely to sell out seats than those with lesser ratings.

Truth be told, the general public is wary of traditional forms of advertising. Print, TV and radio commercials are all brand-generated advertising. It would make sense that the company will only mention all the benefits of their products and services.

Reviews and comments are found to be more effective in persuading the general public, as they’re seen as more trustworthy. This is because they’re hearing opinions from fellow consumers.

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